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featuring: John Tchicai, Roswell Rudd, Milford Graves, Reggie Workman, and Amiri Baraka

with: Steve Lacy, Pierre Dørge, Ben Young

guests: Evan Patrick, Verna Gillis, Lois Graves, Thurston Moore, David Murray, Maya Milenovic Workman, Margaret Naber, Yolo Tchicai


alan roth


Alan Roth, director, producer & editor

Alan Roth is based in Brooklyn, New York. His filmmaking career began in mid-life, after a career in the U.S. Postal Service in Cleveland, Ohio. The Breath Courses Through Us is the second of Roth’s examination of free jazz. His first film, Inside Out In The Open (2001), is one of the few documentary films on free jazz. It features interviews with 11 free jazz musicians along with live performances and continues to be screened worldwide.

Besides these two feature documentary films, he is the video director for Women's Power Against HIV/AIDS: Love, Sex, & Choices, an innovative on-line project that uses soap opera stories to educate urban Black women about HIV prevention. Roth also creates shorter video works, with an emphasis on culture and geographic place.


Ronald K. Gray
Alan Roth

Additional Cameras
Jonathan Lia
Samantha Longoni
Zach Sherzad
Richard Sullivan

Image Edtor
Cristian Manzutto

Sound Editor and Mixer
Cristian Manzutto
estudio de sonido /mexico city

Color Correction and Post-Production
estudio de producción /mexico city

Concert Recording Engineer
Sascha Von Oertzen
Alan Ford

Reference Mix
John Michael Swartz

Sound Recordist
J .T. Takagi

Associate Producer
Luisa Pretolani

Production Manager
Mica McCarthy

Additional audio mixing & Photo Preparation
John Michael Swartz